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04 October 2009 @ 04:10 pm
Da Rulez  

Lalala rules we all hate them but read anyway.

☆ The GIF Artists
Correct tagging is important! Keep in mind that the community needs to have easy access to gifs. The following tags may be used (note that name simply stands for the title of your subject):

c-actor: name
c-artist: name
c-drama: name
c-movie: name

j-actor: name
j-artist: name
j-drama: name
j-movie: name

k-actor: name
k-artist: name
k-drama: name
k-movie: name

You are allowed to create new tags if we don't offer them. Remember to follow the proper format, however.

X-posting is allowed.

Because of bandwidth issues, please, ONE teaser/preview gif only.

Please only post gifs created by you! I'm sure this is self explanatory but I have to include it anyway.

 ☆ Everyone else
Watchers are welcome!

Respect the artists' rules (if there are any).

That's it! Leave feedback or questions in this post and I'll get back to you asap.

Later. ♥